The AtlasAlarm is a car alarm system for your boat, it incorporates the features you already have in your boat to provide the warning such as your boat horn and spreader lights. The alarm is controlled by a key fob and when activated it provides both audible and visual protection for your boat. Easy to install this system can be a stand alone alarm system or incorporated with the MiniTrax to provide notification upon an alarm activation directly to your phone or email.
Package Includes:
  • Alarm Controller
  • Two Key Fobs
  • Toggle Switch
  • Two Canvas Snap Sensors
  • Flashing LED
  • One Hatch Sensor
  • 60’ 18/2 Marine Wire
  • Cable Wrap Sensor
Optional Items:
  • Siren Speaker
  • Pressure Mat Sensor
  • Motion Detector
  • Additional Hatch Sensors
  • Additional Cable Wrap Sensors

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