500 Mile Adventure Around Southern Florida

Inshore – Freshwater – Gulf of Mexico – Everglades – The Keys – Atlantic Ocean

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Eastward Boats and Trophy Taker Outdoors as of May 16th have embarked on a 500 mile trip around Southern Florida. From Port St. Lucie to Okeechobee, to Ft. Myers, the Everglades, the Keys, Boca, and then back to Port St. Lucie. Their mission is to demonstrate the diversity of the fishing and cruising that the state of Florida has to offer. The entire trip should take about 6 days to complete with the teams stopping along the way at different marinas and resorts along the way. The crews will be meeting up with local guides at each location to chart the next day’s course and potentially picking up some more captains along the way. Live streams of the event will be available directly from Eastward Boats and Trophy Takers Outdoors as they share this incredible journey across Florida.

Visit Eastward Boats & Trophy Takers Outdoors for the full trip details

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As a sponsor for this event, AtlasTrax USA and the SeaTrax II device helped make tracking this event possible. Interactive maps designed by AtlasTrax allow users of the SeaTrax II to view their vessels in near-real time, providing valuable information such as Latitude and Longitude coordinates, accumulated mileage, speed, and heading. The most notable feature of the AtlasTrax system is it’s ability to notify you by email or SMS text message when your boat is in use.