Audible Alarm Package

For those seeking additional protection from unwanted intruders. The alarm package can be used as a standalone alarm system, or combined with the SeaTrax II tracking device.

The alarm package is a series of devices that gives an audible and visual form of alarm signal in the event that an unwanted intruder boards your boat.

Available in the package are door hatch sensors, canvas snap sensors, pressure mat sensors, dock cable sensors, a 110 decibel siren and a strobe light. These are controlled centrally from an alarm control box which can be activated and disabled with the use of a key fob.


Stay connected to your boat

When an alarm is triggered on your boat, the SeaTrax II device sends you a message notifying you that a sensor has been tripped.

When used with a SeaTrax II tracking device’s external sensors you will be notified of an unwanted intruder by email or SMS text message sent directly to your computer or mobile device.

A message history can be accessed to view from any computer or mobile device to see when and where the alarm sensor was tripped.



Canvas Snap Sensor

Perimeter protection is provided by devices that discourage an intruder before he boards your boat. Canvas Snap Sensors are ideal for establishing this perimeter of protection.

Canvas Snap Sensors provide security by replacing the existing snaps at locations where intruders are most likely to board the boat. When an intruder unsnaps the canvas at a protected location the boat alarm triggers the sirens.Canvas Snap Sensor



Dock Cable Sensor

Your boat can be protected with the cable wrap around the dock while it is moored. If the cable gets cut or disconnected the alarm will sound.



Motion Sensor

Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion sensors can be very useful alarm sensors. When used on a boat, the careful placement of the sensor is critical to prevent false alarms. The sensor can be mounted overhead so it’s looking down or lower in the boat so it cannot be seen from outside the boat.

The field of view for this sensor is a solid curtain that is about 6 feet wide at a distance of 12 feet. Technical advances for this PIR have all but virtually eliminated false alarms from environmental disturbances. Small animals can cause the PIR to trigger an alarm.



Hatch Sensor

This sensor used on a door in combination with a pressure mat is an excellent alarm scheme for an open boat.

The pressure mat is carefully hidden in front of the protected door. An intruder will likely step on the pressure mat before he opens the door setting off the alarm siren.

The alarm will also sound when the door is opened in case the intruder avoids the pressure mat.



Strobe Light

A strobe light can be wired in parallel with the siren to provide both the siren howl and the strobe when the alarm control is triggered



Pressure Mat

A pressure mat sensor hidden under a rug sets off an alarm when the intruder steps on the rug.

Wires must be carefully hidden as cutting the wires to the pressure mat disables the sensor without triggering the alarm.

For this reason, a pressure pad should not be used as the only alarm sensor.



Audible Alarm Package

Can be purchased and used freestanding with or without a SeaTrax GPS tracker.

The package includes:

  • Alarm control mounting brackets
  • Key-fob remote controls
  • Flashing LED
  • Hatch Sensor
  • Heat shrink connectors
  • 110 decibels siren
  • Alarm stickers
  • Toggle switch
  • Canvas snap sensor
  • Tie-wraps
  • Siren mounting screws
  • Online installation Manual

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