Who we are

The Atlastrax Group is represented by AtlasTrax USA Corporation, based in Deerfield Beach, Florida and AtlasTrax Communications Corporation, based in Ottawa, Ontario.

The AtlasTrax Group is focused on satellite and cellular communications for asset tracking, security, safety and logistics for companies and people operating globally. As examples, we provide equipment and services such as:

  • tracking by satellite of ocean-going pleasure boats, supply vessels and fishing fleets, snowmobiles, trail grooming machines, and ATV’s.
  • remote equipment monitoring for data collection, analysis and reporting
  • power-interrupt monitors for remote houses, building and motors
  • remote activation of devices by satellite or cellular communication
  • satellite phones and personal tracking units for loan workers, explorers and wilderness sports.

The Principals of AtlasTrax have many years of experience in communication by satellite and cellular networks and look forward to proving you with our proven products and services and, for those special challenges, tailoring a solution for you.

Our principals

AtlasTrax Communications Corporation

  • Fred Marsh
  • Jean-François Farjon
  • Justin MacFarlane
    Director, Marketing
  • John Burn
    Director, Customer Support

AtlasTrax USA Corporation

  • Carolyn Stash